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The Carleton Alumni Travel program provides members of our community with immersive learning experiences through expert-led small group tours. Your exploration will be enhanced by the knowledge of your guide, a Carleton faculty member or alumnus who is an expert in the culture, history or natural world of your destination.

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Travel With Us: Upcoming Trips

Carleton University is proud to partner with Worldwide Quest in the delivery of these unique alumni travel experiences. Upon clicking the links listed below, you will be redirected to the Carleton Alumni hub on Worldwide Quest’s website. Please note that when you exit Carleton’s web pages, the privacy policies of any websites linked to may not be the same as Carleton’s privacy policies.

Iceland’s Geological Marvels

June 12 – 22, 2018

Iceland Landscape spring panorama at sunset

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Iceland – a destination synonymous with spectacular natural scenery, towering waterfalls, stark black lava flows, broad ice fields and geothermal spas. The allure of Icelandic geology makes Iceland a “go-to” destination for Professor Brian Cousens of the Earth Sciences department.

Located above a thermal anomaly in the Earth’s interior, sitting on the mid-Atlantic rift system, and partially covered by glaciers, the volcanic features of Iceland are unique in the world. The heat from the volcanic activity and the abundant water on Iceland results in spectacular hydrothermal activity, used to produce electricity and heating for Icelanders, as well as magnificent outdoor spas.

With Brian, you will be amazed by the coastal volcanic rock exposures of western Iceland as puffins play in the water, the spectacular craters of Lake Mývatn/Krafla area, the wilds of Hekla Volcano, and the dramatic mountain peaks in the fjord lands of the north. You will take in the enormous waterfalls at Gulfoss and Skogar, the geothermal features at Geysir, and swim in a hot spring. You will also learn about Icelandic history and culture, while enjoying superb Icelandic cuisine and friendly accommodations.

Listen to Professor Brian Cousens speak about the unique geology of Iceland and what you can expect on this experiential trip.

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Blissful Bhutan & Arunachal Pradesh

Jan 28-Feb 10, 2019


Only 4 spots remaining!

This Himalayan adventure, lead by Art History Professor Stephen Inglis, will explore two of the most culturally rich and environmentally preserved areas in the vast foothills of the spectacular Himalayas.

Bhutan, the only independent kingdom in the region, maintains an ancient Buddhist system that pervades every aspect of life. See the tremendous fortified monasteries (dzongs) that dominate towns in the river valleys and the temples, shops, and rural villages displaying diverse aspects of traditional architecture. Bhutan is known as a centre of herbal medicine, of fine weaving, and of archery – themes that will be touched on during the trip.

Arunachal Pradesh is the northern and eastern-most state of India, yet it has retained its autonomy and character through strict restrictions on entry for both foreigners and Indians, dating from the British period to the present. It is home to probably the most diverse tribal communities in the world. Over 50 languages are spoken in Arunachal, and as we travel from one river valley to the next, the distinctive dress, village architecture and local traditions will be evident. The historic restrictions have also preserved the natural forest and flora and fauna to an extent unmatched in the rest of the Himalayan region.

Bhutan and particularly Arunachal Pradesh are less-travelled destinations. A flexible spirit and a yen for the unexpected will be rewarded by experiences as magnificent as the Himalayas.

Listen to Professor Stephen Inglis share what to expect on this incredible 14-day immersive adventure.

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