Interested in coordinating a class or group reunion?
We can help you make it happen!

Planning a Reunion

Reunions are a great way to reminisce and reconnect with old friends and classmates. Leading a reunion for your class or affinity group is a rewarding experience and our team is available to support your planning. Your reunion’s success is our priority.

Role of the Reunion Leader

  • Acting as the primary contact for your reunion group/classmates;
  • Consulting and coordinating with your reunion group/classmates to make decisions about reunion activities;
  • Making special requests (e.g., a tour of your department) on behalf of your reunion group to your Alumni Relations Officer, if applicable;
  • Selecting menu, location, time, etc. in direct consultation with your Alumni Relations Officer (for on-campus reunions only);
  • Arranging audio/visual equipment rental with the support of your Alumni Relations Officer;
  • Coordinating any off-campus events in consultation with your Alumni Relations Officer, including registration and payment;
  • Promoting your reunion to classmates/friends through reunion communications, such as emails, phone calls and social media.

Role of the Alumni Relations Officer

  • Providing Reunion Leaders with updated class lists;
  • Coordinating registration and payment (if applicable) for reunion events;
  • Assisting with coordination of audio/visual requirements;
  • Offering guidance and support in reunion planning as may be required, including reunion communications;
  • Attending on-campus reunion events to assist with event check-in.

For more information about becoming a Reunion Leader, please contact the Department of University Advancement.