Job Title:Senior Online Producer
Employer:ET Canada
Grad Year:2005
Major(s):Film Studies
Expertise:Media, Toronto Area

What makes you a good mentor?

There were a lot of people who helped me get my start and answered my questions about what it's like to be a working journalist and how to channel my passion for film into a career. I know first-hand what having a mentor can do to help you on your career path.

About Rachel West

I have worked in nearly every area of film/media production – research and funding, production, distribution, broadcast and exhibition – and have been focused on online media production for the past 9 years.

As an online entertainment producer/journalist, I have interviewed everyone from Michael Fassbender, Wayne Gretzky, and Amy Schumer to Robert Downey Jr., The Rock, and Miss Piggy and have reported live from TIFF, Comic-Con, CinemaCon, SXSW, D23, the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes, as well as various movie premieres.

My day-to-day role involves mainly producing online entertainment news content for and its social channels including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. As a movie lover, my main news beat is film, but I also cover a wide variety of entertainment topics including TV, music, and celebrity news.

I am also a freelance film critic with my reviews listed on Rotten Tomatoes and leaned on my love of random facts to write questions for Trivial Pursuit: Bey You Know It Canadian Edition.