Job Title:Legal Counsel, Legal Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health
Employer:Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
Grad Year:1994
Major(s):Political Science
Expertise:Law, Toronto Area

What makes you a good mentor?

When I was a student, I was mentored by several very kind people who guided me through my early years in the legal profession. I always promised myself that if I ever got in a position to help others, I would do so. Everyone needs a helping hand when they are just starting out in their chosen profession (or being a student). Young people deserve every chance and every opportunity to succeed. Oftentimes, they are advised things about the legal profession by people with the best of intentions which are outdated or inaccurate. I try wherever possible to advise students honestly and with an eye to the current state of the legal profession as to various strategies they can pursue to succeed in the legal profession.

About Liam Scott

Liam is counsel with the Legal Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health. Liam works in an office of 40 lawyers who provide legal advice to the Ministry of Health in a variety of areas of health law. Liam also provides advice on public health, health promotion (including healthy eating), HIV/AIDS legal issues, blood issues and consent to treatment issues.

Liam was called the Bar in Ontario in 2000. Since that time, Liam has worked in various legal capacities in the Ontario government. Liam was a student at Carleton from 1990-1994 where he graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science. He graduated with a M.A. in Political Science from York University, and went to Osgoode Hall Law School for his LLB, graduating in 1998.