Job Title:Court Services
Employer:Ministry of Attorney General
Grad Year:2012
Degree(s):M.A. Legal Studies
Major(s):Law (BA)
Expertise:Community Safety/Correctional Services, Law, Policing, Toronto Area
Industry:Community Safety/Correctional Services, Law

What makes you a good mentor?

I would make a good mentor because I have a wide array of work experience in different areas of the Canadian Legal Justice system. Additionally, my seven years as a Carleton student have made me initimately familiar with the student experience and I'm eager to pass on my expertise and knowledge to current and future Carleton University alumni.

About Mustafa Popalzai

In his work with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General in Court Services and previously in Court Administration, Mustafa has successfully provided support to presiding Superior and Ontario Court judges by assisting them with their day to day court activities and ensuring their safety and security by escorting them into the courtrooms and around the courthouse.

Additionally, Mustafa has effectively maintained courtroom decorum by ensuring that proper protocols are being followed and assisted stakeholders, attorneys, clients, jurors and members of the public by providing information and giving direction to assist with the movement of persons and court cases.

Mustafa’s work with the Ministry of the Attorney General is vital to to the overall administration of the court as¬†evidenced by his assistance¬†in escorting counsel to justice’s chambers, calling witnesses and parties into the courtroom at the direction of the judiciary, preparing, testing and running audio and video equipment in court, in accordance with manual and local protocols, and ensuring that the legislative acts such as the Juries Act and Courts of Justice Act are being respected at all times.