Job Title:Executive Director
Employer:Leaders' Debates Commission
Grad Year:1979
Degree(s):B. Journalism
Expertise:Communications, International Affairs, Journalism
Industry:Journalism, Media

About Michel Cormier

Michel Cormier is a Canadian journalist, lecturer and author. Mr. Cormier currently serves as the Executive Director for the Leaders’ Debates Commission.

After graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Michel began his career in Moncton, where he was a television reporter for Radio-Canada. He then moved to Montreal to produce television docu­mentaries and then to Ottawa to cover Parliament for Radio-Canada and CBC Radio. In 1996, he was named Radio-Canada’s bureau chief at the Quebec National Assembly.

Throughout his already successful career, Michel has had the opportunity to work abroad including Moscow in 2000. A few weeks after the events of 9/11, Michel was one of one of the first journalists to enter Afghanistan. At the time there was there were no daily press brief­ings, official contacts, and virtually no other journalists.

In addition to his success as a journalist, Michel is also an accomplished author. Michel co-authored a biography of the late New Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield “Un dernier train pour Hartland” (Last Train for Hartland), which was shortlisted for the France-Acadie book award in 1991. His first biography of New-Brunswick Prime Minister Louis Robichaud, entitled “Louis Robichaud: une révolution si peu tranquille”, won the Prix France-Acadie. In 2006, Michel published a series of essays about his experiences as a foreign correspondent in Russia entitled “La Russie des illusions”, which became a finalist for the Governor General Award in 2007.