Job Title:Trade Policy Analyst
Employer:International Affairs Branch at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Grad Year:2019
Degree(s):B. Commerce
Expertise:International Affairs
Industry:Government Relations

What makes you a good mentor?

My passion for international business and knowledge I gained through my experiences, could benefit a student that is interested in this field.

About Kristyn Hribar

Kristyn is currently a Trade Policy Analyst covering U.S. Trade Advocacy with the International Affairs Branch at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Prior to this she was an Investment Officer with the Investment Attraction and Innovation team at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada – a position that started out as a co-op opportunity through Carleton’s Co-op office.

Prior to roles at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Kristyn also worked at Global Affairs Canada as an Administration Assistant in the pension and insurance division and completed an internship with Allam Advisory Group, an Ottawa-based international business consulting firm.

Kristyn has her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University and also graduated from the Business Administration – International Business program at Algonquin College. While studying at Algonquin College, Kristyn obtained her diploma in International Trade from the Forum of International Trade Training. She is also a certified International Trade Professional (CITP) from the Form of International Trade Training (FITT).

Kristyn has been a mentee in the Alumni Mentor’s program and looks forward to giving back in this new role as a mentor. Kristyn’s hobbies include working out, travelling and hiking.