Job Title:Vice President, Global Services
Employer:Lightbend Inc.
Grad Year:2004
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Electrical)
Major(s):Electrical Engineering
Expertise:Engineering, Information Technology and Services
Industry:Engineering, Information Technology and Services

What makes you a good mentor?

I've always had strong mentors and see strong value in the relationship. I'd like to learn from my mentee and understand the challenges they're facing.

About Mike Kelland

Mike Kelland leads Professional Services for Lightbend and brings over 15 years of software industry experience to Lightbend. Mike was most recently the CEO of BoldRadius Solutions, a services company focused on the Lightbend Reactive Platform. Prior to that, Mike was an early employee or founder in a variety of technology companies working in the infrastructure, custom software, network security, web development and hardware sectors where he excelled in creating successful growth through curiosity, culture and focused execution. Mike holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa.