Job Title:Owner / Software Developer
Employer:Shrewd Apps
Grad Year:1996
Degree(s):B. Computer Science
Major(s):Computer Science
Expertise:Information Technology and Services
Industry:Information Technology and Services

What makes you a good mentor?

Starting very early in my career, I made it an ongoing habit to mentor and teach those around me, both inside and outside my team. To me, that’s just part of being a good leader. I believe teaching helps me as much as those I teach, because in order to articulate something effectively, it really needs to be clear in my head first. I strongly value good habits, discipline, critical thinking, and continuous learning.

About Jason Aylesworth

Jason fell in love with programming when he was a young kid, and that love’s only grown since. He finds software development such a challenging, yet rewarding career because technology and best practices continue to evolve so quickly. There is always a new problem to solve, a new skill to learn.