Job Title:Technical Program Manager
Grad Year:2013
Degree(s):M. Applied Science (Electrical and Computer)
Major(s):Computer Systems Engineering

What makes you a good mentor?

I believe in building connections and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. College is great time to make mistakes and learn from them, however if you can learn from others, you can better yourself and get ahead in the game of life :-).

About Omi Iyamu

I’m a Technical Program Manager (TPM) at Google currently working on the Security and Privacy team here in Mountain View. Prior to this I was a PM at Microsoft working on the Office team, and worked on two failed startups in the past (one of them while I was still at Carleton). My background is in Machine Learning so thats where where my main interests lie. I also have a very entrepreneurial mindset and like building and getting things off the ground. Other interests of mine are cloud computing (so much so I wrote my thesis on it), IoT and the notion of a fully connected world, robotics and cybernetics, and natural and deep learning.