Job Title:Senior Product Manager
Grad Year:1997
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Computer Systems)
Major(s):Computer Systems Engineering
Expertise:Data Communications and Networking
Industry:Data Communications and Networking

What makes you a good mentor?

I was fortunate enough to have a mentor when I was in university, and that helped me get out to a great start in my career. I've also had mentors throughout my career. I would like to help others have the same experience, most especially students who are first starting out.

About Tom Foottit

I work as a software product manager, specifically in the telecom field. This is where the business and technology fields meet; turning customer needs and industry trends in to software requirements, working with software engineering teams to see those requirements implemented and then working with sales & marketing teams to help see that software adopted by customers.

While completing my engineering degree at Carleton I helped co-found a start-up. I then went on to software engineering and product management roles at Bridgewater Systems, Amdocs, Ciena and Accedian. I’ve worked in all layers of the telecom networks building software, and have travelled to over 40 countries all over the globe to work with customers and partners to understand their requirements.