Job Title:Chief Visionary Fiddler & Owner
Employer:Fiddlehead Folklore Institute Ltd
Grad Year:2003
Degree(s):M.A. Canadian Studies
Major(s):Canadian Studies, Music

What makes you a good mentor?

I love to share my knowledge and learn from my mentees. Everyone has a different perspective and outlook on their life. I see mentoring as bidirectional, the mentee and mentor are in consistent conversation learning from each other. While the mentee benefits from the mentors experience, the mentor learns how the industry is changing.

About Evelyn Osborne

For over 25 years I have been participating in and helping to create creative musical communities in Canada and Hong Kong. As an ethnomusicologist/folklorist, fiddler, violinist, music educator and more, I believe strongly that the arts are a vital part of our lives.

I have worked as a musician and music educator in various capacities for my whole career. Half of that time has been in management director roles for both Canadian non-profits and Hong Kong educational companies. I am now starting my own educational folklore center, Fiddlehead Folklore Institute, in Hong Kong which will seeks to explore the diversity of “Asia’s World City” and connect people through cultural education opportunities.

As an ethnomusicologist and folklorist my work examines how seemingly smaller musical traditions interact with and distinguish themselves from larger cultural flows. I consider music in it’s interactions with people, media, and place. My areas of specialty are in Newfoundland and Labrador fiddle music and song, Irish-American vaudeville, music, and mediated musical flows of the North Atlantic. I have also started a small amount of research in collaboration with community groups about life and folklore in rural Hong Kong. I have a strong personal and research mandate to mobilize scholarly research for public access.