Job Title:Manager, Fundraising & Development
Employer:Institute for Canadian Citizenship
Grad Year:2016
Expertise:Communications, Non-Profit, Philanthropy

What makes you a good mentor?

Being a mentor is about building a relationship that supports success across every aspect of a mentees life and goals, and shining a bright light on the everyday wins.

About Alana Dunbar

Alana Dunbar is the Manager of Fundraising & Development with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), a national charity delivering programs and special projects that inspire inclusion, create opportunities to connect across communities, and encourage active citizenship.

She holds a Master of Arts in English Literature and Language with a specialization in African Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and African Studies from Carleton University.

In her previous work, Alana fostered respect for diversity with the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, organized enhanced citizenship ceremonies across Canada to celebrate new Canadians, worked to further national financial literacy in Malawi and at a creative agency engaging youth in sexual health education in Tanzania. Along with a few “side hustles”, like coaching axe throwing and managing communications for a cosmetic acupuncturist.

Based in Toronto, Alana loves to connect about Africa, the charitable sector, good communications, curling and goal-setting.