Job Title:Digital Content Specialist, Strategic Communications
Employer:Tarion Warranty Corporation
Grad Year:2010
Degree(s):B. Journalism
Industry:Real Estate

What makes you a good mentor?

As a student I did not partake of the myriad mentoring and internship opportunities that were made available - and this is a decision I profoundly regret, as my journey to eke out a digital career took longer than it might have if I had had a formal mentor in this field. While my career has taken several exciting turns and I love what I do everyday, my dream job did not even exist when I was at Carleton - I would like to help out students who may be in the similar position of hoping to establish themselves in digital.

About Christopher Cooper

As Digital Content Specialist, I act as a Product Owner representative for Tarion’s flagship website and associated tools/services such as the Ontario Builder Directory. Drawing upon my multimedia education received in Carleton’s Journalism program, I also play an active role in brainstorming, writing, and technical production of our podcasts and online videos. Since I work in a Strategic Communications department, I do of course help out the team with some writing and editing as well.

Since Tarion warranties new homes in the province, it was a logical career move from my previous role (held for five years until March 2017) as Multimedia Specialist at Living Realty: one of Canada’s largest independent and privately-owned real estate brokerages. Over the span of that five years I oversaw the launch, optimization, and ongoing content calendar duties for two distinct content portals. Additional responsibilities included photography, laying out publications/brochures, and building the company’s social media channels (and strategies/policies) from scratch.

Prior to joining living I had worked as a Communications Assistant, a Communications and Marketing Specialist, and a freelancer involved with writing and research projects (one of my most notable clients was the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago).

The “hands on” nature of my Carleton journalism experience – and the standards therein – have proven tremendously valuable in a career where any given day may find me in an editing suite, working on user experience improvements, or helping to lead a cross-departmental product team.1