Job Title:Radiobiologist
Employer:Health Canada
Grad Year:2013
Degree(s):PhD Physics
Expertise:Research, Science

What makes you a good mentor?

I have been guided by wonderful mentors in my life, both at Carleton University and in my professional career. Their advice and encouragement continues to support me in my research. I'm grateful for the chance to give back to the University community and hope my experience can benefit Carleton students as they explore their career options.

About Lindsay Beaton-Green

Dr. Lindsay Beaton-Green earned her Ph.D in Medical Physics at Carleton University in 2013. She has since been working as a radiobiologist at Health Canada’s Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau. Her research has been focused on the biological effects of ionizing radiation. More specifically, she has been studying biomarkers of radiation sensitivity of patients undergoing cancer treatment, helping to develop triage assays for large population exposures, and most recently has been examining the impact of radiation on astronauts during long term space travel. She has been fortunate to present her research at numerous international conferences including at the European Radiation Research Society and the International Congress of Radiation Research. She continues to be active in the local scientific community through membership in organizations such as the Ottawa Medical Physics Institute.