Job Title:Project Manager
Employer:MHI Canada Aerospace
Grad Year:2006
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Aerospace)
Major(s):Aerospace Engineering
Expertise:Project Management

What makes you a good mentor?

In most of the organizations I mentioned in my profile, I sought out a mentor. This has worked out tremendously well for me, as I had access to wisdom wrought of experience, networks spanning different industries and personal relations lasting years. The result has been enhanced professional output and increased social capital. It only follows, then, that the next logical step for me is to contribute in kind.

About Nasr Ali

I am a Professional Engineer [PEng] and Project Manager [PMP] with 10+ years combined experience, where I have handled a diverse portfolio of complex projects in Aerospace, Automotive and Information Technology. During my career, I have specialized in Process Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, Process Modeling and Optimization, Revenue Modeling and Maximization, Lean Implementation, Statistical Analysis, Design with Composite Materials, 3D Modeling, Finite Element Analysis and Reliability Analysis. I have been recognized for designing and implementing solutions resulting in thousands of dollars in revenue and sustained savings, and I’ve gained valuable experience in Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Risk Management. Over the years, I’ve worked within many structures and guidelines including Quality Systems and Standards [ISO/AS], Civil Aviation Regulations [JAR/CAR/FAR] and Project Management Standards [PMI/PRINCE2/AGILE].
Tri-lingual and very comfortable in diverse and multi-cultural environments, I am an avid traveler and outdoorsman and my main extracurricular interests include fishing and hunting.

Below are some of the organizations I collaborated with:
1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Aerospace
2. Volvo – Construction Equipment
3. International Civil Aviation Organization
4. Sudan Civil Aviation Organization
5. Dell Inc.
6. Terrapoint Ltd.
7. Sanders Geophysics
8. Carleton University
9. Concordia University