Job Title:Executive Director
Employer:International Women's Forum of Canada
Grad Year:2014
Degree(s):Management Development Program for Women Certificate
Major(s):Management Development
Expertise:Consulting, Non-Profit
Industry:Consulting, Non-Profit

What makes you a good mentor?

I have achieved most of the success in my life and career as a result of transformative, powerful mentors whose insight, care and love helped me reach new levels of achievement I never dreamed possible for myself. It is an honour and a privilege to share the opportunity to pay it forward by mentoring others and helping them move forward in the same way I have been blessed to experience.

About Chamika Ailapperuma

I am a change navigator with a passion for aligning people, policies and practices that bring a new vision to life. I value collaboration, innovation, creativity and diversity. I thrive on opportunities to navigate roadblocks and forge a sense of common purpose so that transformational initiatives can flourish, moving organizations forward. I am happy to share my experience┬áleading change in public, private and not-for-profit sectors and what I learned in federal government, entrepreneurship and association management. I’m looking forward to helping mentees understand how to build networks, connecting them to influencers and helping them deliver value to future employers and mentors.