Job Title:Senior Industrial Designer
Employer:HealthCraft Products Inc.
Grad Year:2002
Degree(s):B. Industrial Design
Major(s):Industrial Design

What makes you a good mentor?

Design has provided me with more than a profession. It has given me a lens through which I see the world and can apply creative solutions to help people in a new way. I am incredibly grateful for the generosity & kindness of key mentors in my life, and look forward to providing similar support to young professionals.

About Sunil Achia

Sunil Achia is an award-winning industrial designer for HealthCraft Products Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of health care products designed to help people live more independently.

During his 13 years with the company, Sunil has become a leader in all aspects of product design and business development. His years of industry experience provide him with critical and well-researched insights, always aware of the trends, markets and competitors. His design approach is smart and curious, never shy to challenge the social stigmas and assumptions surrounding mobility support products. This curiosity led to the development of the Invisia brand, a collection of products that combine safety with bathroom accessories. It instantly became an example of universal design. The Invisia Collection has won several awards at major exhibitions across North America, including KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show), MedTrade, and CSMC (Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference).

In 2014, Sunil worked with an agency to define the creative vision for the HealthCraft & Invisia brands, which led to a major redesign of all company assets (including logos, websites, printed collateral, displays, POP materials, etc.).