Job Title:Software Engineering Manager
Grad Year:2014
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Biomedical and Electrical)
Major(s):Biomedical and Electrical Engineering

What makes you a good mentor?

It's a great way to pay it forward. I went through rich and diverse experience at university. Also, I made several mistakes, hence learned a lot of lessons - so would like to guide the creativity, energy and passion of a student through the lessons I have learned. This will enable them to not reinvent the wheel and save them time in not repeating the same mistakes.

About Mohamed Abdalla

I believe that we have a limited amount of time to discover our purpose in life; how we are going to contribute to and serve humanity. I love building and creating beneficial services and products in a team environment for the community and society as a whole. That’s why I love entrepreneurship, project management, non-profit, testing, and programming.

You can find all my experiences in my LinkedIn account at: