Job Title:Senior Software Engineer
Employer:Snowed In Studios
Grad Year:1999
Degree(s):B. Computer Science
Major(s):Computer Science, Software Engineering (Computer Science)

What makes you a good mentor?

I love my work; from the creative aspects of video game development, the problem-solving of computer programming, to the relationships that we build through interdisciplinary teamwork. This is a very interesting & rewarding field, one that I'm eager to help other people experience. There are so many career paths, specialties, and topics to learn that I remember feeling quite overwhelmed upon graduation. The encouragement and kindness that I was shown made a huge impact on me; I hope to help others in a similar fashion.

About Tim Sandwell

Tim Sandwell - MentorA graduate of Computer Science at Carleton, Tim has been programming professionally since 1999.

His experience includes real-time rendering, artificial intelligence, game design, UI/UX, and tools development for artists and designers.

He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Snowed In Studios, helping to develop large, high-profile video games.