Job Title:Software Quality Assurance Specialist-Analyst-Tester
Grad Year:2009
Degree(s):B. Mathematics
Major(s):Mathematics (BMath)
Expertise:Information Technology and Services
Industry:Information Technology and Services

What makes you a good mentor?

I think this a great opportunity for students to have someone guide them to what they enjoy and like. It will assist them with their career path. I did not have an opportunity to use this program, I could have learn from other's mistakes and avoid paths that I took, so I would like to extend this to others to learn from my education, experiences and mistakes so they build a better future for themselves!

About Reda Taleb

Currently I am pursing a Masters degree at University of Ottawa part-time in Engineering Management and I work full-time as a Quality Assurance Analyst, or for easy terms a Tester for a startup company in Ottawa, named CENX. I completed a major in Computer Mathematics at Carleton University with two minors in Computer Science and Business.