Job Title:Policy Analyst
Employer:Global Affairs Canada
Grad Year:2019
Degree(s):B. Sc.
Major(s):Environmental Science
Expertise:International Affairs
Industry:International Affairs

What makes you a good mentor?

Mentoring is a great way for two people to grow both personally and professionally. Having been a Teacher's Assistant at Carleton University in the past, I know how rewarding mentoring can be for everyone involved. As a recent graduate myself, I am very excited to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained during my time at Carleton University, at Global Affairs Canada and through my various opportunities. I have had dealt with all sorts of challenges that school and life could throw my way, and so I am motivated and inspired to share my experiences so that other can find their path and figure out where they want to go. I want to be part of their journey, as much as they will be part of mine.

About Anna Sharkova

Currently, I am working as a policy analyst with Global Affairs Canada. More specifically, I work with U.S. Transboundary Affairs division. What this means that I research and analyze current international, national, state and provincial policies, focusing on transboundary environmental, water quality, and energy issues between Canada and the United States. I evaluate the effects of proposed legislation and policies on Government of Canada’s mandate and provide recommendations on how best to advance Canada’s interests with relation to transboundary environmental and energy issues. As such, my areas of expertise relate to water quality, air quality, environmental policies and energy infrastructure.

Previous to working at Global Affairs Canada, I worked as a Teacher’s Assistant while doing my undergraduate degree at Carleton University. I also volunteered with World Wildlife Fund and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. I have also done volunteering in Costa Rica, did a field course in Belize, and participated in Alternative Spring Break through Carleton University which allowed me to help build two classrooms in a community in Guatemala.

While I am working as a policy analyst and a lot of my day to day tasks focus on policies, regulations and law, my educational background is in science. I graduated this June 2019 from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Science, Honours, Environmental Science, Minor in Biology.

I love being out in nature and can tell you a few fun facts about tree species in the local area. My all-time favourite show is Friends, but I am currently re-watching the Office.