Job Title:Senior Mechanical Engineer, Team Lead
Employer:MDS Aero Support Corporation
Grad Year:1993
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Mechanical)

What makes you a good mentor?

I know how important it is for the person seeking advice. I feel that my past experience, especially graduating in a time where work was not readily available, can greatly help someone who needs a bit of guidance during the transition from school life to work life. I was fortunate enough to have older family members that gave me very good advice during this time period and this has been very useful and I strongly feel that everyone needs a little mentoring to broaden their understanding of what is required after graduation.

About Leonardo Ritorto

I am an outgoing person who keeps very active outside of work life. I have a wide span of interests from sports and physical activities to interests in community events, arts, and music.

I generally have a broad scope of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and product development from the business development/marketing stage through to conceptual design, detailed design, fabrication, and then through installation, commissioning, final acceptance, operation and maintenance.

I worked for over seven years in Alberta in the oil and gas exploration field in the 1990’s and in the past 17 years I have worked in the aerospace industry primarily in the design of engine test facilities. This has given me the opportunity to work in a wide variety of countries from those in Europe, U.S., Russia, South Korea, China, and Morocco. I am well travelled for both work and for my own personal enjoyment.