Job Title:Consultant
Grad Year:1978
Degree(s):B. Commerce

What makes you a good mentor?

I enjoy working with young people and helping them understand themselves and the environment in which they find themselves. Also the art of the possible. I have mentored in sports and in business my entire adult life. I have also had a hand in raising our three children, now 35, 32 and 30.

About Douglas Rankin

Doug Rankin, CPA, CA,

Doug was the leader of Deloitte’s Private Company Services Group in the National Capital Region.  In that capacity he also led the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies program in the National Capital Region.

Doug has over 40 years of experience providing accounting, audit, tax and business advisory services to Canadian private clients.

Doug reached the mandatory partner retirement age at Deloitte in 2017. Immediately thereafter he joined Modern Niagara, Canada’s largest mechanical contractor, where he became the Chief Financial Officer. Doug spent 5 years with Modern before retiring in June 2021.

Doug currently takes on various consulting work for private companies.