Job Title:Lawyer
Employer:Goldblatt Partners LLP
Grad Year:2006
Expertise:Education, Law

What makes you a good mentor?

I drew a lot from my time at Carleton, and the links I made there are still important to me today. I'm looking forward to meeting students hitting the workforce and helping in whatever way I can.

About Benjamin Piper

I am lawyer in private practice. My work is mostly in labour and employment law, working for unions, individuals and public interest groups. This includes a wide range of different types of proceedings: labour arbitrations, tribunal hearings, constitutional challenges, administrative law (i.e. challenging government or tribunal decisions in court), and other court actions, to name a few. Our firm also does a fair amount of public interest litigation around equality rights, constitutional rights, human rights and unfair government action.

I’ve done other related work in my career: I worked for 5 years with the National Judicial Institute, working on education for judges, as both a lawyer and then a manager. I have also taught Administrative Law at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.