Job Title:Fraud Investigator
Employer:Insurance Industry
Grad Year:1978
Major(s):Criminology and Criminal Justice
Expertise:Community Safety/Correctional Services, Football
Industry:Football, Public Safety

What makes you a good mentor?

So many crucial life lessons from football translate directly into the workplace. The ability to work with others, and to put 'the team' before yourself are attributes that the successful student athlete can bring to an employer. The value these qualities add to an organization is immense, and are always noticed and appreciated by those in leadership roles. These lessons have a direct application to one's professional journey, and I place great importance on this.

About Fred Pinnock

Fred earned his degree from Carleton in 1978 and was sworn into the RCMP the following year. After six months of Basic Training in Regina, he was posted to Richmond, Whistler and Burnaby Detachments for uniform patrol duties. In 1982 he was trained as an undercover agent, and spent the next three years posing as a gangster and buying narcotics from criminal targets throughout North America, making in excess of 200 ‘buys’…primarily heroin and cocaine. Fred spent 26 years in undercover, becoming one of the most heavily used agents in the use of the “Mr Big” homicide undercover technique. He has taken many confessions to murder from people who were convinced that he was a senior gangster. Fred retired from the RCMP after 30 years of service.

Fred played four years of varsity football at Carleton as a receiver and running back. He attributes his ever present limp to some of the unwelcome attention he received while carrying the ball. He spends time between his homes in North Vancouver and Naramata, B.C., and he’s married to a Member of the Legislative Assembly of B.C. He has two children attending universities in Western Canada.