Job Title:Managing Director
Employer:KeyNorth Professional Services Group Inc.
Grad Year:2000
Major(s):Political Science

What makes you a good mentor?

I am passionate about mentoring because I enjoy learning from the professionals of tomorrow. I’m happy to share my experiences and insight in the field of economic crime investigations, training and consulting; and my experiences more generally as a business owner, but getting to know future leaders is a definite benefit for me. They see the world differently, have great experiences to share and can provide great perspective.

About Chris Pierre

Chris is the Managing Director of KeyNorth Professional Services Group Inc., an investigation support, training and fraud prevention consulting company located in Ottawa Ontario.

Experience includes assisting clients in Intellectual Property Rights investigations, background research, asset tracing, Open Source Intelligence gathering, stock/lender fraud, government corruption investigations, grant and contribution (recipient) investigations; general fraud and abuse.

Chris also provides training to police services, security consultants and investigation professionals on a number of areas relating to white collar and information investigations.