Job Title:Energy Engineer
Employer:Siemens Canada
Grad Year:2016
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Environmental)
Major(s):Environmental Engineering

What makes you a good mentor?

I graduated several ago now and struggled intially to find a job right out of school. It was through a lot of hard work, the support of friends and family, the help of my Carleton Alumni Mentor, and kind people in the industry that were willing to take the time to give me advice that got me to where I am today! I would like to support new and upcoming graduates the way that I was supported, and pass on the advice that I have been given and the many hard lessons that I've learned, especially as a young woman working in the engineering industry. This program really is an amazing resource for those just getting started in their careers.

About Hannah Pepper

I am currently working at Siemens Canada in the Smart Infrastructure division as an Energy Engineer, and have been here for almost two years. I conduct energy audits and find energy-savings measures for commercial and institutional buildings, often with a focus on reducing carbon emissions.

After graduating I wanted to try a few engingeering paths to gain some experience before settling on one that I like, so I now have a broad background in the energy field, municipal stormwater management/sewer design, as well as hazardous building material surveys and air quality testing.

As for my personal life, I like to stay busy through recreational sports, outdoor activities and volunteering.