Job Title:PhD Candidate - Clinical Psychology
Employer:University of Ottawa
Grad Year:2012
Degree(s):M.A. Psychology
Major(s):Psychology (BA)
Expertise:Hospital and Health Care
Industry:Hospital and Health Care

What makes you a good mentor?

I have not taken the path most travelled on my way to my end goal in Psychology, but I have taken a lot from and have been significantly impacted by many gainful experiences that I was exposed to. I feel that I would make a good mentor because I would be able to encourage a student to seek out challenge and see the benefits in participating in or taking on something that doesn't follow a sequential pattern to the final goal. It can be arduous wading through your educational options, career paths, and even your own self-discovery along the way and I would like to think that my grounded yet enthusiastically encouraged approach to education, career and life in general could be a strong guiding source for someone.

About Jessie Moorman

Jessie is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa. She is in the third year of the program and has gained clinical experience both in private practice and hospital settings working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, sexual offenders and individuals in the community who are struggling with anxiety, panic, and adjustment disorders. Jessie hasĀ also directed community initiatives that focus on community advocacy, knowledge transfer and anti-stigma campaigns and intervention strategies.

Jessie’s current research focuses on trauma, maltreatment, and childhood sexual abuse. Her research interests compliment her clinical work, as she is focusing her clinical caseloads on individuals who have histories of trauma and abuse.