Job Title:Aerospace Consultant
Employer:SeaTec Consulting
Grad Year:2014
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Aerospace)
Major(s):Aerospace Engineering
Expertise:Aviation, Engineering, Management Consulting
Industry:Aerospace Consulting

What makes you a good mentor?

I'm a highly dynamic individual, who is willing to put in as much time as the mentee requires to get their goals out of the program. I have great depth in the aerospace industry, from design and manufacturing to maintenance, engineering and supply chain organizations, and I'm not afraid to help the mentee's grow their own networking skills!

About Matt Molkoski

Matt is a highly dedicated Aerospace Consultant working in the Aerospace sector. Matt excels at challenging tasks, and enjoys being thrown in the deep-end of projects. With experience in software development, systems engineering, complex software implementations, information technology project management and management consulting (both strategic and tactical) along with an educational background in electronics hardware and mechanical and aeronautical design, Matt is a very well-rounded individual.

Matt enjoys tasks that push him beyond his comfort zone, and finds stress to be a motivator. Matt enjoys problem-solving, and trying to fix the mistakes of others. His skills in managing resources and projects, along with the ability to fit in with teams of individuals from all areas of business allow him to excel in consulting, as well as in his previous engineering roles.