Job Title:Senior Underwriter
Employer:Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital
Grad Year:2018
Degree(s):B. Commerce
Major(s):Accounting, Finance
Expertise:Real Estate
Industry:Banking and Finance

What makes you a good mentor?

Although my career when measured in years has been relatively short, I have gained experience in various fields across the real estate industry ranging from lending to commercial real estate development and IPOs. I feel that being a relatively recent graduate myself, and having this level of experience, I can both relate to a university student and be able to guide them towards a successful path in the real estate sector.

About Mohamed Elhalees

At my current role, I am responsible for the complete underwriting process and analysis of new commercial loan requests. This ranges from 5 to 100+ million commercial loans and contains all types of commercial financing. In addition, I am transitioning into syndication work, with responsibilities towards sourcing/locating senior and private funds to syndicate different loan requests. I also have precious private equity experience and have been deeply involved in real estate development prior to my current role.