Job Title:Senior Communications Manager
Employer:WaterAid Canada
Grad Year:2011
Degree(s):M. Business Administration
Major(s):International Affairs

What makes you a good mentor?

I have had many professional mentors since completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees who have helped me in my career, and I would love to give back do the same. I believe there are many unknowns in the not-for-profit industry and it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off, especially early in a career.

About Graham Milner

I completed my undergraduate degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management from the Author Kroeger College specializing in Human Rights, as well as my MBA specializing in International Development from Sprott. I am engaged in both the not-for-profit community here in Ottawa – I sit on the founding board for the Ottawa Young Non-Profit Professionals Network – as well as within my community – as a Citizen Commissioner on the City of Ottawa Transit Commission. Over the past 7 years, I have held a number of positions in Ottawa with a number of NGOs, including WaterAid Canada (formally WaterCan), Canada Without Poverty, The Humanitarian Coalition, Mines Action Canada, and The Rideau Institute, I have also┬átraveled abroad working in Uganda as part of a young-professional internship program.