Job Title:Senior Project Officer, Africa Operations
Employer:Digital Opportunities Trust
Grad Year:2011
Degree(s):M.A. Political Science
Major(s):International Studies
Expertise:International Affairs

What makes you a good mentor?

I am passionate about this Mentorship Program because it gives me a great opportunity to give back to Carleton, a community that has been so fundamental in my career journey. Carleton was my first impression of Canada. I am forever grateful for the $15,000 exchange scholarship I received from Carleton - an opportunity without which I wouldn't have made my way to Canada. I love Carleton so much and will do anything I can to contribute to the sucess of this university!

About Petronila Michael

I am a proud Carleton alumna, currently working a s a Senior Project Officer, Africa Operations at Digital Opportunities Trust. I am passionate about supporting young people in shaping and  pursuing their career dreams.

Most recently, I worked as a Recruitment and Public Engagement Officer at Veterinarians without Borders (VWB) where I coordinated technical assistance needs for a volunteer sending program operating in Laos, Ghana, Vietnam, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. I have cultivated knowledge, interest and appreciation for cross-cultural work cultures through coordinating program activities for a Caribbean Local Economic Development Program (CARILED) at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) from 2012-2017. I have gained interesting lessons from constantly interacting with multistakeholder partners from Canada the Caribbean and Common Wealth countries. My biggest accomplishment at FCM was being part of the CARILED program from it’s inception stage to its closing phase. In addition to my work at FCM and VWB, I have been involved at diverse capacities with various community and international organizations including facilitating cross-cultural workshops with Cuso International and Canada World Youth as well as fundraising for young refugees’ initiatives with Ottawa Community Immigrants Service Organization (OCISO).

I am fond of volunteerism. Following my graduation in 2011, I have been volunteering with Canadian World education Foundation (CWEF) Tanzania.  Serving as a Vice Chair, I support the charity in achieving it’s strategic objectives as well as leading the education sponsorship program for vulnerable children in Tanzania. I have also been quiet involved with the Carleton University Career Center, mostly as a Guest speaker in support of transition to employment workshop series.

My lifestyle and value system was born from growing up in a small farm around the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. About a decade ago, my career journey took a sharp turn when I decided to live the University of Dar es salaam during my second year of undergrad to pursue a one year exchange program at Carleton University. I then continued with my Master’s at Carleton, where I graduated with an M.a in Political Science, with specialization in International Development. While studying at Carleton, I offered my services to the university community in diverse capacities. As a researcher, teaching assistant, international students orientation facilitator and customer service representative at the main campus cafeteria.

I am excited to share my experience from all these involvements with Carleton students.