Job Title:Labour Relations Manager
Employer:Metro Ontario Inc.
Grad Year:2018
Major(s):Law (BA)
Expertise:Business Development, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Organizational Performance, Toronto Area
Industry:Human Resources

What makes you a good mentor?

I have been privileged to have a number of influential mentors in my career, and I hope to provide others the same support that has been shown to me.

About Matthew Healey

Matthew is currently the Labour Relations Manager for Metro Ontario Inc. Prior to this position, Matthew worked in progressive roles in the employee and labour relations departments at Lafarge Canada, and Carleton University advising on issues related to labour and employee relations in both unionized and non-unionized environments. His work experience includes collective bargaining, strike management, grievance arbitration, labour relations strategy, developing training workshops, and organizational development.

Matthew completed his B.A. in Law and Political Science at Carleton University, and a M.A. in Global Politics from McMaster University with an exchange along the way at Leeds University.