Job Title:Partnerships Manager
Employer:United Nations
Grad Year:2005
Major(s):Political Science
Expertise:International Affairs
Industry:Environmental Sustainability, International Affairs, Non-Profit

What makes you a good mentor?

Three reasons: 1 - Humbly, my knowledge of both how to crack into the humanitarian sector and how the aid sector can be reformed upstream should be shared to those who are curious enough to seek alternative methods; 2 - I gain energy by creating energy and inspiration in others... it's binary; 3- It's a part of the inherent advancement of the human condition to pass down information ---- primarily to those who are seeking it.

About Matthew Gray

I am currently in two roles: 1) a Partnerships Manager, working for several UN Agencies and NGOs; currently working with the UN Secretariat in the UN’ Africa HQ in Ethiopia 2) A Founder of the advisory firm “Gray Impact” which focuses on Impact Investment and connects private firms to International humanitarian Organizations. My expertise, in addition to global affairs, is also in soft power and environmental, social and governance(ESG).

To get to this stage, my experience has been a blend on field humanitarian implementation, and HQ/Regional Office partnerships roles. I have worked with several INGOs and for profit development firms, and also five UN agencies: UNICEF’s Regional Office in Nepal; UNDP in Tajikistan; UNOPS’ HQ in Denmark; UN-HABITAT in Barcelona, and finally with WHO in South Sudan.

In the countries I have worked (in addition to the above, also Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Guatemala, Russia, Kazakhstan), I have made it my goal to learn the languages (Russian, Persian, Spanish and Chinese) and to try to give something back by volunteering or creating programs for expats to benefit local sports or culture in our spare time (for example, bringing hockey back to Tajikistan).

I’m from Montreal, believe in businesses being a leader in global social change, yet only if they work with the UN or similar bodies that know the terrain and the trends. Denmark is home – but only for the time being.