Job Title:Research Coodinator
Employer:Bruyere Research Institute
Grad Year:2018
Industry:Hospital and Health Care

What makes you a good mentor?

I have been priviledged throughout my entire life with mentors that fostered my growth and have encouraged my exploration, while also pushing me to do my best. I believe the support I received should be provided to all. I hope through mentoring I am able to give support and hopefully enable new opportunities to others. I also believe professional relationships can be a important way to recognize growth and builds a stronger, more connected community.

About Mary Scott

My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology, during which I had a particular interest in medical anthropology. I also took a number of classes in Biology and Chemistry. I was interested in the cultural power of scientific knowledge and how knowledge systems shape our beliefs and behaviours. In my fourth year, I arranged a field placement with a research team at the hospital and found a passion in epidemiological research.

I work as a Research Coordinator at the Bruyere Research Institute and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute primarly investigating the healthcare for older adults and those at the end of life. I work on developing research projects by writing research ethics board applications, grant proposals, analysis plans, privacy documents, analyses interpretation, presentations, and preparing articles for peer-review publication. I work on a team that collaborates with physicians, researchers, government advisors, and students to facilitate a community of research that includes a wide variety of interests and skill levels.