Job Title:Managing Partner - Ontario
Grad Year:1987
Degree(s):B. Journalism

About Martin Denyes

Martin Denyes graduated from the Journalism program at Carleton in 1987 with High Honours.  As a student, he spent far too much time on CUTV, parlayed that into an interview with CHRO-TV, failed the screen test miserably and went to law school instead.  He landed a job with a Bay Street law firm in the summer of 1989, built a career, a family and a network in Toronto and has been the Managing Partner – Ontario, for that law firm (Fasken) for the past dozen years, with responsibility for two offices, 650 personnel and a P&L that he won’t be disclosing to an aspiring group of journalists.  While the rest of his classmates minored in film studies or the Charlatan, Martin studied economics as his J school minor.  His favourite professor was Don McGillivray and Don’s commitment to 800 words, per column, per day.  Not 799.  Not 801.  Mathematical precision, at its best.  To this day, Martin has a phobia of spelling a name wrong, lest Roger Bird descend on him to award him with an “F”.  As a seldom quoted lawyer, Martin returns to his undergrad roots as a mentor with a healthy degree of trepidation and an assurance that “this is all on background”.