Job Title:Senior Manager
Employer:Bank of Canada
Grad Year:2003
Degree(s):B. Industrial Design
Major(s):Industrial Design, Management
Industry:Public Service

What makes you a good mentor?

I am passionate about mentoring because it can help fellow alumni continue to grow professionally. I took an unconventional path out of design school and into business. It took many years for design and business to merge again in my career, and if sharing my journey can help someone, then it's all worth it.

About Louise Boutin

I’m a Senior Manager at the Bank of Canada, which I first joined in 2003 as a Project Coordinator after graduating from Carleton B.I.D. program. At the time, the tech bubble had burst, and it was hard to find a job in Ottawa as a designer. I decided to pursue the business minor aspect of my degree, armed with my portfolio, which won the heart of my hiring manager. Since then, I have worked as a UI designer, re-designed business processes, designed museum exhibits, led design thinking workshops, championed innovation, conducted qualitative research, prototyped intangibles like policies and programs, and led multidisciplinary design teams.

I’m passionate about applying user-centred design principles in all aspects of my work, even if it isn’t typical product design. I’m French Canadian, married to an B.Arch grad, and we have two sons.