Job Title:Manager of Student Mental Health & Wellbeing
Employer:Office of Student Affairs, Carleton University
Grad Year:2020
Major(s):Public Policy and Administration
Expertise:Education, Non-Profit, Philanthropy

What makes you a good mentor?

Without a doubt, I would not have had the experiences, opportunities, and felt courageous enough to take leaps in my professional life without the support of mentors in my life. Navigating what your professional life could look like is incredibly difficult to do on your own, and having someone there to support you and be that check-in can make a world of difference. It's always nice to know you have someone in your corner.

About Michaela Keogh

Currently acting as the Manager of Student Mental Health & Wellbeing with the Office of Student Affairs at Carleton, Michaela has spent the last 6 years learning and leading in various positions at Carleton.

Prior to her current role, Michaela served as the Mentorship and Transition Support Coordinator with the Student Experience Office, designing and implementing transition support and leadership programming for Carleton students. She has also spent time as a research assistant in the School of Public Policy and Administration and a teaching assistant with the Department of Psychology.

Michaela has earned both her undergraduate degree (B.A. Honours Psychology) and her Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton.

In her free time, Michaela enjoys caring for her plants, reading memoirs, staying up-to-date on trends in the non-profit industry, and spending time with her family and friends.