Job Title:Director of Research
Grad Year:2016
Degree(s):PhD Sociology
Major(s):Criminology and Criminal Justice

What makes you a good mentor?

I know from experience that the transition from student to professional is a major time of change, discover, and sometimes challenge for many and I believe that it takes a strong community of support to help students transition into the world of work in its many forms.

About Kara Brisson-Boivin

Dr. Brisson-Boivin is the Director of Research at Mediasmarts, Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy. Kara is responsible for the planning, methodology, implementation, and dissemination of key findings from original MediaSmarts’ research studies as well as evaluations of MediaSmarts’ programs. Kara researches the various impacts of digital technology and culture on digital citizenship, digital well-being, and online resiliency for Canadians broadly and youth in particular.

Kara works with a number of academic partners on tri-agency funded research projects, private and public sector interest groups, as well as federal departments on online issues including; digital parenting, privacy, online hate, mis/dis information, activism, and algorithms and artificial intelligence. She is the principal researcher on MediaSmarts’ Young Canadians in a Wireless World research project, which has been tracking young people’s experiences with technology since 2000.

Kara brings to MediaSmarts extensive publication experience in academic journals, magazines, news op-eds and research blogs; and a background in presenting research to key stakeholders on parliamentary committees, at academic conferences, invited talks, panels, keynote addresses, and in media interviews.

Kara completed her (senate nominated) doctorate in Sociology at Carleton in 2016, her Master’s in Criminology at the University of Windsor in 2011, and an honours bachelor degree with a double-major in Sociology and Criminology at the University of Windsor in 2009.