Job Title:Industrial Designer
Employer:National Capitall Commission (NCC)
Grad Year:2003
Degree(s):B. Industrial Design
Major(s):Industrial Design
Industry:Public Service

What makes you a good mentor?

It is a fulfilling experience to help new designers make their way in the world, while also benefitting from seeing design solutions through a fresh set of eyes. When going through the student hiring process each year, I am constantly inspired by the amazing portfolios and design talent from the CU School of Industrial Design, and love to see how far these future designers can go!

About Jennifer Naegelkraemer

I am a proud Carleton Industrial Design graduate and since graduating in 2003, I’m had the pleasure of working across 3 very different sectors:

– Research & Development, Industrial Design of Manufacturing Equipment for Window and Door Industry
– Industrial Design + Environmental Graphic services for a Crown Corp within Federal Government
– Custom Graphic Design, Printing Services for Wedding Industry

I currently work at the NCC and am honoured to work on a diverse range of projects aiming to create, beautify and enhance public spaces within the National Capital Region, while maintaining the existing green spaces and assets, and planning the Capital for the long term. The industrial design + environmental graphics team provide design services for, but not limited to, signage and wayfinding systems, interpretive experiences, streetscape furniture and lighting, and commemorative sites. We are lucky to work on multidisciplinary NCC teams of experts including engineers, architects, planners, landscape architects, graphic designers, etc. It is very rewarding and humbling to see my design work come to life on my home town, our nation’s capital.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, sewing, baking and spending time with my husband, our dog and 3 boys.