Job Title:General Counsel
Employer:PPP Canada
Grad Year:2000
Major(s):Law (BA)

What makes you a good mentor?

I want to help as many passionate and motivated young people succeed as possible. Getting your first job is not easy and having a helping hand guide you through the process is something I hope to do for as many students as possible.

About Alexander Jeglic

I am a proud graduate of Carleton University and have always looked back upon my time fondly. Carleton exposed me to study of law and ultimately led me on the path that resulted in my current role.

As General Counsel for PPP Canada I have put to use my legal experience in a commercial context with previous roles providing me an extensive background in procurement and contracting law.

Additionally, my commercial legal experience has provided me a strong legal foundation to offer both legal and strategic advice to senior management. I also have significant and broad experience in procurement and contracting for both public and private sector clients through transactional experience which includes the purchase and sale of goods, services and construction in the United States and Canada.

I continually update my legal knowledge by teaching 4th year procurement law at Carleton University and attending relevant seminars to familiarize myself with recent developments and trends. I have also developed and presented a 6 part series on procurement law at the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

On a personal level I have four beautiful children with my wife Shelley.