Job Title:Senior Software Engineer
Employer:Ford Motor Company
Grad Year:2003
Degree(s):B. Computer Science
Major(s):Computer Science

What makes you a good mentor?

I enjoy helping others around me grow and find success in many industries that are influenced by technology in general and software in particular.

About Jeff Dever

Initially pursued hardware out of high school at Camosun College in Victoria British Columbia. After completing the Electronics Technician program in 1997, I worked in the field at Victoria Avionics. I went back to school at the University of Victoria where I switched to computer science. I took a coop term at Nortel in Ottawa which turned into a 16month internship after which I decided to stay in Ottawa. I transferred to Carleton University to finish my Computer Science Honours degree in 2003.

Since then I have worked both as a contractor and a full time employee in various industries including aviation, military, medical and automotive.

I currently work as a senior software designer and architect for the next generation vehicles at Ford Motor Company at the Technology Innovation center here in Ottawa.