Job Title:Director Risk Management
Employer:McCain Foods Limited
Grad Year:1984
Degree(s):M.A. Public Administration
Expertise:Football, Risk Management, Toronto Area
Industry:Risk Management

What makes you a good mentor?

A mentor is something I wish I’d had. It would have been great to have had access to an experienced mentor working in my field of interest when I was in school. I discovered mentoring in my "first real job" when someone providing me with an opportunity to discover my strengths.

About Jeff Jakubas

Management Specialist with an excellent record of performance in managing projects to enhance organizational productivity and reduce operating costs. Have contributed to a cross section of organizations, from food processing to health care to mining and manufacturing. Areas of expertise include:

• Continuous improvement
• Total quality management
• Strategic planning
• Financial planning and analysis
• Operational planning and analysis
• Management systems & procedures
• Purchasing & material management
• Human resource management & control