Job Title:Research Analyst
Grad Year:2011
Degree(s):B. Public Affairs and Policy Management
Major(s):Public Affairs and Policy Management
Expertise:Research, Toronto Area

What makes you a good mentor?

Mentorship programs are mutually beneficial, each party has the opportunity to expand their network and unlock years of experience. I am excited to share and build my network in both Ottawa and Toronto.

About Jaime Morrison

As an audience research analyst with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Jaime combines digital analytics and custom public opinion research to understand consumer habits, preferences and expectations within the Canadian market.

Specializing in youth and young Canadians, Jaime has worked with top Canadian companies to understand market trends and develop business strategy. Her research and writing explores what businesses and governments can do to adapt to the new norms and unique challenges of the Millennial generation.
Before joining the CBC, Jaime worked for the Government of Canada, Abacus Data and with a Toronto-based digital marketing agency.

Jaime holds a Master’s of Political Management as well as a Bachelor’s of Public Affairs and Policy Management, both from the Arthur Kroeger College at Carleton University.