Job Title:IT Consultant
Employer:Export Development Canada
Grad Year:1998
Degree(s):B. Commerce
Major(s):Management Information Systems
Expertise:Technical Lead

What makes you a good mentor?

Over the years, I have had a multitude of experiences in the IT industry and my fair share of life adventures. I believe that this experience can provide a good springboard for students about to launch their careers. Social connections beyond our peers is important both from a personal and professional point of view and the Carleton Alumni Mentors program brings both the two worlds together for the mentor and mentee. Additionally, Carleton gave me experiences / opportunities that were pivotal in me attaining my professional goals and in turn, I want to return the favour by helping others do the same.

About Darcy Peters

While at Carleton, Darcy co-organized the Annual Business Banquet, helped rebuild the Commerce Society and spent a year studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland as part of the Business Student Exchange program.  Fast forward to today and Darcy is an IT Consultant / Entrepreneur who has 20 combined years of experience working as an employee, company founder and independent consultant in the Federal government.    Working in a variety of roles and startups over his career (tech support, app/web developer, business analyst, database developer, tester, tech lead, architect, founder/CEO), Darcy has developed an appreciation and understanding for all IT and business roles which allows him to empathize with his clients and their requirements.   With a “I can do that” attitude, Darcy has gathered the respect of his peers + clients and earned a Deputy Minister’s Achievement Award for a project he worked on at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Current, he is working as a Technical Lead on multiple projects at Export Development Canada.

In his spare time, Darcy still enjoys his life time love of mountain biking, traveling, all things related to the outdoors and photography but can be found closer to home these days enjoying family life and close friends.