Job Title:Sexual Assault and Trauma Counsellor
Employer:Carleton Health and Counselling Services
Grad Year:2016
Degree(s):Master of Social Work
Major(s):Social Work
Expertise:Public Service
Industry:Hospital and Health Care

What makes you a good mentor?

I was fortunate enough, and still am to have wonderful mentors and supports when building my skills and expanding my career. When I began at Carleton it was with a completely different major and where I have ended up was not even on my radar. Through my own experiences and risks taken with the support of those around me I ended up finding my way in an increasingly overwhelming world. I love talking about the multitude of ways we can use our skills/passions and would love to play that role in someone else's journey.

About Isabeau Welter

Over 5 years of experience as a social worker in the Ottawa region with a background in gender exploration and trans health care, sexual violence and trauma work. Experience with long-term individual counselling, running therapeutic groups and working in residential settings. Passionate about working with queer and trans communities in a culturally competent and collaborative framework. Experienced in working with both large organizations and small non-profits. Grounded in structural framework with a focus on clinical skills. I use elements of narrative therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and a trauma informed approach in my work.

In addition to my clinical role I frequently speak on panels and provide trainings around sexual violence and trauma work with queer and trans communities. I also teach at the Carleton School of Social Work as a contract instructor in topics such as social justice and field work. I find that being involved in both direct intervention as well as teaching, training and public education is vital to working towards greater social change.