Job Title:Communications and Promotions Coordinator
Employer:Koeslag Consulting- client base Mushrooms Canada and Ontario Bean Growers
Grad Year:2017
Degree(s):B. Journalism

What makes you a good mentor?

I want to show current students that the job market isn’t something to worry about. When I was in school we were told it would be hard to get a job especially in our field, but I managed to get a great job right out of school and in my field. I want to help the students know more about the workforce from someone close to their age experience it for the first time just like they will be experiencing it soon. I also want to be able to help current students who, like me where undecided what field they wanted to go into, try and understand a little bit more about both sides and hopefully help them lean towards their end goal.

About Nicole Horn

As a communications and promotions coordinator I handle the daily social media output on all channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. I am always online looking for interesting facts related to my organizations that would interest consumers as well as maintain a blog that is easy to use for the general public. I am also in charge of event planning which involves choosing where I go to represent my organizations, what food I’ll be bringing with me or what supplies I’ll need. I also have to organize travel to and from the events and for events I have to organize any insurance that may be needed there and hire staff to work the events. On top of that I work with marketing agency’s to develop advertisements that will boost my organizations public awareness and also increase sales of the product. I also have to develop monthly reports for the board. I have previously worked with the Privy Council Office as a Jr. Media Analyst and I have worked as a communications assistant for the Canadian Horticultural Council, Hydro Ottawa and the Ontario Ministry of Labour.