Job Title:Musician
Employer:Self employed
Grad Year:2004
Degree(s):Bachelor of Music
Expertise:Arts, Music

What makes you a good mentor?

I want to pass on the knowledge and experience of many years in music, and to encourage people of all ages to be involved in music and whatever capacity they see fit.

About E. F. Lloyd Hiscock

Music has been a passion since I was 7 years old. I play several brass instruments and some electric bass, saxophone, but the band/orchestra is my instrument. I arrange and compose for in a variety of styles – jazz, pop, classical – for a variety of groups – brass, concert band, woodwinds – and I’ve taught theory in jazz and classical settings. My Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree is accompanied with courses from Berklee and Eastman Work shops. Written over 200 arrangements.

I also have experience in areas related to business systems, business communication, training and development, marketing and real estate.