Job Title:Policy Analyst
Employer:Industry Canada
Grad Year:2014
Degree(s):M.A. Economics
Major(s):Economics, Finance
Expertise:Economics, Project Management
Industry:Economics, Government Relations

What makes you a good mentor?

I have always found that mentoring provides a great opportunity to help those that are just starting out - whether it be to avoid big mistakes and choose a more effective path, or something as simple as saving time by being pointed towards the correct information earlier on. Thus I hope giving other students the time and opportunity will enable them to succeed.

About Serge Goussev

Industry: Government,

Areas of expertise: Project Management; Research; Data Analysis; Economics


As a Data and Business Intelligence Analyst at the Federal Government, I use data to report on and improve internal processes, analyze and answer questions on various subjects, as well as work to improve internal data driven analytics in general. Specifically working with Industrial Technological Benefits, I make sure that 100% of the money spent on defence and coast guard projects goes back to the Canadian economy and helps Canadian companies grow. This includes not only using structured and unstructured data to analyze defence and aerospace supply chains, calculate economic impacts; but also developing/acquiring tools to better answer these questions.

Outside of work, I do research in the sphere of computational social and political science, trying to understand how social media helps people participate in the political process. This also involves looking at how responsible, repressive or controlling governments can be, using social media in an attempt to control the narrative.

In 2014, I finished Carleton with MA in Economics with a concentration in Financial Economics, and also have a BA in History and Political Science.